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What is the uncovered reason behind Abhinav Bindra ended up with 4th in Rio Olympics 2016 and Indian Media Ignored It?

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posted Aug 9, 2016 by Abu Anam

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1 Answer

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Abhinav Bindra had fallen down along with gun which he had been using for so long. And in this unfortunate misery, things went ugly. Abhinav Bindra’s sight got damaged. No not EYE’S SIGHT. A Sight is a piece of equipment which is used to focus and aim at the target while shooting. And this made him replace his riffle and use the other one which was not that familiar in handling as well in feeling it in his hands.

Thanks to the senior journalist Digvijay Singh Deo who took this incident to Twitter where narrated about what had happened with Abhinav Bindra just way before his competition.

He fell down along with his gun, the sight broke but he shot with a
replacement,struggled but fought to finish fourth.No excuses at all

— Digvijay Singh Deo (@DiggySinghDeo) August 8, 2016

answer Aug 20, 2016 by Sherlyn Mishra
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