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What are the rules of taking Runner in cricket and why ICC bans on Runners?

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posted Jul 8, 2016 by Babita Thawani

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1 Answer

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Rules of taking Runner in cricket
1. A runner can only be used if the batsman becomes injured or ill during the match.
2. His use must meet the approval of the umpires.
3. The runner must be a member of the batting side, but not the twelfth man.
4. He must also already have batted in the innings, if possible.
5. The runner must wear all the external protective equipment worn by the batsman and must carry a bat.

"It's been considered by the cricket committee... and there has been a strong feeling that runners were used not in the right spirit," ICC chief Haroon Lorgat said in Hong Kong on Thursday at the conclusion of the the five-day annual conference. "It's quite a difficult one for umpires to determine whether there has been a real injury to batsmen or whether it was a tactical use of runners."

answer May 11 by Mukul Chag
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