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Who was the first cricketer to become Captain in his first match and scored century in the same Match?

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posted Mar 3 by Naveen Kumar

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1 Answer

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David Houghton of Zimbabwe

There have been 32 players who were captain of their team in their debut match and the only one to score century on debut in which he was captain too, was David Houghton of Zimbabwe. It was the first ever test match for Zimbabwe, against India and at home, they didn't do too bad scoring 456 in first innings, restricting seniors Indian side for 307 and then staying 146 for 4 wkts in second innings when match was called off as draw. In first innings, Dave Haughton scored 121 off 322 balls with 15 fours and made the rare record of century on debut in which he also was the captain of his side.

answer Mar 14 by Ati Kumar
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